What Is a Level Three RICS Home Survey?

If you’re in the midst of purchasing a property, or are planning to buy one soon, then you should begin to think about the property type and the survey you think you may need.

For older properties, or properties that have or will be undergoing significant renovations, then a level three RICS survey is the one for you.

What is a Level Three RICS Survey?

A level three RICS survey is the most comprehensive survey, and takes into consideration various aspects that aren’t covered in the level one, or level two RICS surveys.

And whilst it may cover things that are mentioned in the other surveys, the level three RICS survey provides much more detail and looks at issues with a fine tooth comb.

Often referred to as a full structural survey or a building survey, the level three RICS survey will provide you with a thorough inspection of the property as well as a detailed report based upon the findings of the inspection.

Do I need a Level 3 RICS Survey?

You should consider a level three RICS survey if;

  • You have a large property
  • The property was built before 1900
  • In poor condition or requires significant repairs (or you have plans to make significant changes)
  • An unusual design
  • Made up of non-traditional materials
  • A listed building
  • An extended property


What does a Level 3 RICS Survey include?

A building survey looks at many elements of a property, highlighting the cause of any defects and whether this will impact the value. It will also alert you to any potential issues and the severity of such, as well as providing purchasers with the advice and information to help them moving forward.

A level three RICS survey will provide you with;

  • An understanding of the property’s condition as a whole
  • An understanding of the materials used as well as the method of construction
  • A description of the condition of each element of the property
  • The information surrounding any defects or issues, the severity of such and the cause (estimated costs of repairs are also included in our survey fee)
  • Maintenance advice
  • Inspection of; roofs, walls, chimneys, floors, ceilings, doors, chimneys, cellars, outbuildings and garages
  • A recommendation of any further inspections that may be required

As well as this, as part of a level three building survey, you can request an inspection of any particular areas of concern you may have.

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What are the benefits of the level three building survey?

As with the other surveys available, they provide peace of mind and can save you money in the long run by identifying defects and issues that you may not have known about otherwise.

The building survey will not just identify the defect, but its cause too, making it easier to decide whether the purchase is something you wish to continue.

Due to the detail of findings provided, this supplies people with a great piece of evidence and information, such as the estimated costs for repairs and defects found, which is particularly useful when it comes to re-negotiating the original sale or offer price.

So whilst it may be the most costly of the surveys, it is the most in-depth and comprehensive, and could potentially save you huge amounts of money in the long run on repairs and maintenance that may not even be worthwhile.

How much does a level three RICS home survey cost?

The price of the level three RICS home survey can vary, and is dependent on the size and age of a property, and if there are already any known defects or issues that require repair and/or maintenance.

Our expert team of RICS surveys are located up and down the country, and will be able to advise you of the starting costs for a survey of your property.

That’s everything you need to know about a level three RICS home survey!

So, are you considering buying an older property, or are you looking to embark upon a renovation project?

Get in touch and contact our expert team today to arrange your level three RICS survey by emailing hello@btbsurveyors.com.

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