What Is a Level Two RICS Home Survey?

With three different types of RICS surveys available, it’s important to know which one you need - and this entirely depends on the type of property you are in the process of purchasing.

The most popular type of survey is the HomeBuyer Report, or as it’s more commonly known, a level two RICS home survey.

Here’s everything you need to know about the level two RICS home survey, and whether or not this is the survey for you.

What is a Level 2 RICS Home Survey (and valuation)?

Otherwise known as the HomeBuyer Report, a level two RICS home survey is the most common type of survey used with homebuyers.

This survey is a lot more detailed than that of the level one RICS Survey, and provides people with a paper-based report outlining the condition of the main elements of the property in question.

For properties that are between five and seven years old, a level one RICS survey would be sufficient, however for properties that are older than this, and are in reasonable condition, then we’d recommend a level two RICS home survey

In fact, most conventionally built houses, flats, bungalows and any other style of property built before 1900 would be best suited to the level two survey.


What does a Level 2 RICS Home Survey include?

The HomeBuyer Report will provide investors and homeowners with a plethora of information, including advice on construction, repairs and condition.

The level two RICS home survey includes:

  • A valuation of the property (if requested)
  • A physical inspection of the property
  • A report based on the findings and results of the inspection

The survey will look at and consider:
  • The condition of a property
  • Background information of a property and its surroundings, including the location
  • Damp testing and an assessment of damp proofing
  • Details of urgent problems and major faults that require immediate attention, or that affect the overall condition and value of the property
  • Timber and woodwarm assessments

The surveyor will value the property and take into account any potential works required that may impact the original value. The surveyor also looks at the materials that make up the property, risk or evidence of contamination and any connecting properties and how this may impact the value.

The inspection will look at both the inside and outside of a property and will search for any potential defects. Looking at the likes of walls, pipes, insulation, roofing, timber and everything in between, RICS surveys know exactly what to look for and what could cause a potential issue later down the line.

As such a thorough process, the inspection will cover as much of the property as physically possible, leaving investors and homeowners feeling confident that everything has been looked at and considered in great detail.

What does a Level 2 RICS Home Survey include?

The level two RICS home survey report will outline all of the surveyors findings in a clear and concise manner, that is detailed yet easy to understand.

The report is provided in a traffic light system, made up of three different ratings that best describe the condition of the property, any works required and the urgency of such.

The condition rating consists of green, yellow and red.

Condition ratings

What next? And what are the benefits?

Based on the surveyors report and findings, this enables the purchaser to make a decision on whether the works required are worth it, or not. And the main benefit of this survey is peace of mind, or highlighting issues that demonstrate the property might not be right for you after all - it is the deciding factor for many people.

For older properties, many issues can be somewhat hidden and not visible to the naked eye, therefore a level two RICS home survey will delve much deeper and provide information on things you wouldn’t have otherwise known.

Whilst the survey is an extra cost, knowing the full condition and issues of the property could save you thousands of pounds moving forwards and this vital information also helps during negotiations of the price of the property.

And if you are fortunate enough to have a property that has little to no defects, then you can rest assured that your property or future home is of an impeccable standard, leaving you feeling confident and comfortable with your upcoming purchase.

How much does a level two RICS home survey cost? Whilst a little more costly than that of a level one RICS survey, the price of the level two RICS home survey can vary.

This depends on the size and age of a property, and if there are already any known defects or issues that require repair and/or maintenance.

Our expert team of RICS surveys are located up and down the country, and will be able to advise you of the starting costs for a survey of your property.

That’s everything you need to know about a level two RICS home survey!

So, are you considering buying a conventionally built home or property?

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